Script, edit and voice two contrasting packages, one news and one feature, of up to 90 seconds duration each. 

The news package should include at least two interviewees. 

The feature package should incorporate the use of sound effects. 

Script a presenter cue of up to  20 seconds for each package. You must submit your scripts in a Word document attached to your audio file. 

You must also in the same Word document give your reasons for choosing your story and state your sources for research.

You may use material from any source, subject to copyright. We will be looking for evidence of journalistic rigour with legal and regulatory compliance.

Assessment objective: features package 

This assessment assesses the candidate's ability to be creative with sound and words to produce an engaging and informative use of radio. This will test their editing and script-writing skills. Candidates must demonstrate accuracy and good use of English. 

Assessment objective: news package

This package assesses the candidate's news sense, ability to select the right facts and editing and script writing skills. Candidates must demonstrate accuracy and good use of English. 

Any packages longer than 1m 45 secs will be disqualified. 



Year two Radio assessment due and criteria