We are looking for a 3'30" news package, with cue, in and out words and duration all listed. Ten seconds more or less.

The subject will be an item of local news, and you will need to demonstrate that the idea would be indeed best done as a package, rather than an interview or voice piece.

Your story will be particularly assessed on the journalistic sharpness of your approach, and the way you write, structure and cut the piece.  

The package must have at least three voices other than your own; wild track and FX. Quality of journalism remains the single most important criteria when we mark your piece.   



The piece will be marked according to the following criteria:


Pitch: 10 marks

You will need to attach your initial one-par pitch and the longer pitch, of up to one page, which will give you the go-ahead to record your piece.

Journalism skills: 30 marks

Again, the weighting is strongly towards how well you demonstrate your skills as a reporter. It takes into account the quality of your sources, the accuracy of your reporting, the angle you have chosen for your story, and its relevance to your audience.

Technical competence: 20 marks

This assesses the technical qualities of the piece: the quality of the recording; and how well you cut and layer sound. If you have used music, how well have you worked with it?

Understanding of principles: 20 marks

Have you chosen a story that works well for radio? Do you have a grasp of the fundamental principles of producing an audio package? Does the choice of audio you have recorded come out of the story you have found? Does the structure of the package work? We will also be considering the pace and flow of the piece.

Presentation: 10 marks

Do you sound like a professional reporter? How well have you found your own broadcast voice?

Grammar and style: 10 marks

Do your links and cue make sense? Is your package compelling enough to pull the listener in? Writing needs to be sharp and to the point and you need to write in to and out of clips. 

Total: 100 marks

Year two radio assessment deadline