Television news bulletin produced by Year Two undergraduates on Wednesday November 11 and broadcast at 5pm.


[swf file="media/BulletinRemix4.flv"]

Editor: John Saunders
Presenter: Kathryn Cain Reporters: Alan McGuinness, Nick Poskitt, James Woodcock, Rob Hayes, Becci Hughes, Beckah Floyd, Alex Fisk, Lucy Ross-Millar
Headline writer/assistant editor: Kelsey Wlliams
Studio production: Jaak Pardi
Vision mixer/assistant reporter: Mylo Wilkin
Audio mixer/assistant reporter: Zehra Mullick
Autocue operator/assistant reporter: Stuart Wilson

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Yo Ian where's my name? I bet John Humphreys would never get this treatment!

Typical presenter... always complaining about some trivial technical matter...

Sorry Kat - normal service has now been resumed.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Zehra was reporting with Lucy as well. :)

And Dan, that cupboard is Ian's office.

...for setting the bar so ridiculously high. Also what cupboard did you stick Rob in for the interview? I couldn't work out where he was. 

He was in Ian's office haha quality on location there...

Don't know what you mean Dan. Rob is very clearly reporting live from outside Kingsnorth Power Station.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Year two news bulletin