From majestic photo-bombing to strutting like a diva, there is no end to the talents of Benedict Cumberbatch.

So it should come as no surprise that he may have accidentally created a new revenue stream for struggling newspapers.

The Sherlock and Star Trek star breathed new life into the BMD (Births, Marriages and Deaths) pages by announcing his engagement in The Times last week.

The old-fashioned charm of a marriage announcement has clearly caught on. Today Geri Halliwell has repeated the trick, while The Times reports a startling increase in the number of marriage announcements in the last week.

On Saturday, November 1, the paper carried just two engagement notices, which rose to six by November 8. Today the paper has eight of them. By next week we'll all be at it.

So, I wondered, would the Kent Messenger receive a similar boost? No such luck so far - a quick sample of every current edition uncovered not a single notice of engagement in the county during the last week.

Perhaps the Cumberbatch Effect will take a while to trickle down to the local press. Or perhaps it was just a particularly unromantic week in the Garden of England. Watch this space for further developments.


He's still a dashing man and no longer on the market.  Millions of hearts broke last week. I mean this picture alone. You know Rob, this could be a good way of sharing photos if anyone else wishes to participate lol.

Will Cumberbatch save the regional press?