The recent murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard shocked the U.K public for several reasons. This is due partly to the fact that the man charged with her murder was a police officer. Therefore, this has made the public question those within the force because they are supposed to protect citizens and yet seemingly, are the ones committing heinous crimes like murder. Additionally, the case reveals a deep routed problem within society that is often disregarded, and this problem is that there is a lack of safety for women not only across the UK but globally. This means that women are unable to do things like walk alone on the streets at night without feeling a sense of danger and the government has so far done little to combat this issue. Therefore, it is no wonder that when cases like that of Sarah Everard’s occur people become outraged and as a result protests are held. This case in particular has sparked massive protests because women are shocked and angry at the fact that we are in the 21st century and women are still not safe on the streets. It is clear that violence against women is an issue that is only getting worse. There is plenty of evidence to prove this, for example, since the first lockdown alone 112 women have been killed by men. The issue of violence by men against women has been prevalent for many centuries and yet nothing significant has been done by the government to mitigate the issue. This seems absurd and yet are we really surprised? It seems that in our society issues pertaining to women are often overlooked. As a result of this, cases like that of Sarah Everards will only continue to increase unless something drastic is done by the government to try to improve the safety of women. However, it is difficult to have faith that the government will find progressive solutions to this problem. This is because one only has to look at the poor way the police handled the vigil held for Sarah Everard or the proposal that a curfew for men will resolve this issue, to realise that we are a long way away from creating solutions which will actually tackle the problem at hand.  Such a deeply rooted problem cannot be resolved with something as basic as a curfew, instead it would require the government to look more closely at the misogynistic foundations on which our society is built and unravel that.


What the Sarah Everard case reveals about the safety of women.