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Some of the key points.

Allhallows Parochial Church Council has produced ‘no trick or treat’ posters for parishioners.

Spurious link between Halloween and Allhallows. The word Halloween derives from All Hallow's Eve. 

 400 – 500 people dressed in Halloween costumes invaded village last year. Some arrived by coach and mini bus from London and Essex.

 Began suddenly more than 10 years ago.  Got much worse about five years ago.

Some households  had 60 trick or treat callers last Halloween. Disturbance went on until 2 or 3 in morning.  Intolerable.  What should be fun has, for some, become a nightmare.

Woman,  80, had panic attack on her doorstep last year. Church decided it had to do something.

One thousand posters printed.  Size and wording of poster. Appeal for unwanted visitors to take note.

Claim that Police are too busy elsewhere to help the village. No resident police officer.

Denial that village church is against Halloween. Holds it’s own Halloween pageant on All Hallow’s Day.

 If posters don’t work will call for police presence next year.

 Contact details to obtain posters

 Possible intros

Village braced for real-life Halloween nightmare.

 Going into battle against ghosts and ghouls with an A4 poster.

 Claim that police are too busy to help village of fear.

My story

Scared villagers were preparing today for a real-life nightmare on Halloween -  all because the village is called Allhallows.

Every October 31 the village is swamped by hundreds of visitors dressed as ghosts and ghouls, witches and wizards who party late into the night.

 Last year some drunken troublemakers were still banging on doors for trick or treat at two o’clock in the morning.  An 80-year-old  resident had a panic attack and collapsed on her doorstep.

Now the Vicar, the Rev Roland Greene, says his parishioners have had enough. And they are fighting the zombies with A4 posters.

The parochial church council has printed 1,000 “no trick or treat” posters for fed-up villagers to display in their windows.

Mr Greene said yesterday that some elderly people and children were terrified by the goings on.

"Because of the name these visitors seem to think there is some connection between Allhallows and Halloween, but there is no link whatsoever," he said.

 “What should be an evening of fun has become something that Allhallows dreads. It’s a nightmare.”

Some of the unwanted visitors arrive at the remote Thames marshes village by coach and mini-bus from London and Essex.

 “This isn’t any kind of anti-Halloween religious issue,” said the Rev Greene, “the posters are our polite way of asking the visitors to behave reasonably.”

He said he had been told that Gillchester police were too busy elsewhere to offer help to the village. There was no regular police presence in Allhallows.

“If  the posters don’t  work we will have to ask for a serious  police presence to keep the peace next  year,” he said.

 “But most of all we hope the message will get out that  there is no reason to celebrate Halloween in Allhallows.”

If you want a poster contact the Vicar on ?????????.































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