Blog Assignment

Abdoulie Sey

We are one; lets unite and build a better world

Politics or the art of government is one of the most cherished features of civilization. The invention of government has enabled people to harmonize society and forge a collective agenda for the common good.

That is, at least what all governments claim to stand for. It is this innate human desire to find strength in numbers and build security in togetherness that gave rise to nation states. The politics of these governments go a long way towards fostering peace at home and peace with their neighbours.  Sadly, the reverse is also true.

It is disheartening to realize that in this age of technological wizardry, massive wealth, unrivalled scientific knowledge and better awareness about justice and equality, the world is increasingly becoming unequal and intolerant. Poverty, hatred, injustice, disease, corruption and terrorism are as prevalent as before, if not worse.

The sorry state of the world is a direct result of what I call the ‘politics of denial’ and the failure to look beyond this kind of politics. Denial in the sense that the world’s political players, both state and non-state actors, by their actions and words continue to deny the simple truth that all human beings, never mind their religion, race or geographical location share the same aspirations in life; the desire to be delivered from deprivation and despair.

The politics of today pays little service to the collective human good. Powerful countries are busy undermining each other in a cut-throat   arms race and economic warfare.

To make matters worse, terrorists groups with flawed ideologies are perpetrating ultra-sadistic violence on innocent people the world over. The division and hatred preached by these groups is tearing nations and communities apart. They pay no respect to our common denominator - humanity.

The world would only be a better place when we learn to reassert our responsibilities both individually and collectively and look beyond the politics forced on us by our sentiments, selfish interests, and pundits in the service of division. Analysts like to class us into the ‘First World, Second World, and Third World’. They further divide us into upper class, middle class and lower class. But let them be aware, there is no plebeian, there is no patrician; there is only Rome. We are one.

The idea that the other person is not good enough or does not deserve equal treatment because he/she is different has been proven time and time again to be at extreme polarity with reason. We have for thousands of years entrusted governments to elevate us to the highest state of wellbeing. However, the records so far have not been satisfactory for the vast majority of the human race who go to bed hungry and wake up with little hope for a better day.

We must now ask ourselves what can we do to create a better world? Must we take the hard decision of looking beyond politics and take collected steps in building a better world or should we take the easy decision of resigning to the status quo?

If you believe in the power of the people as I do, if you consider humanity as one as I do, and if you recognize the role of the individual as I do, then the global healing process has just begun.

I am aware of the fact that life on earth has never been perfect, is not perfect and perhaps will never be. Nevertheless, we owe it to our conscience and to humanity to perfect the avoidable injustices we have through greed perpetrated on the innocent majority. If you think the world is too corrupted to be corrected or that we are too divided to be united, then you have fallen prey to the simplistic theory of leave-things-as-they-are.

Do not ever think that you are too old or too young, too poor or too powerless to effect a change. As a citizen of the world you are one of the valuable resources to be used either for the common good or for the reverse. The choice is yours.


We are one