Acclaimed TV journalist and Executive Producer at BBC World News Eddie Botsio has kindly agreed to come to meet students for a Q & A session on Wednesday 25 March (lunchtime). 

Eddie is the BBC editorial lead for the current season of 'What's Up Africa', a co-production between the BBC and Radio Netherland Worldwide (RNW). The strand is a comedy satire on the news from Africa, broadcast on TV and online.

As a News Correspondent at the BBC and ITN, Eddie covered many major stories for TV and radio, including the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the Deal bombing, the miscarriage of justice appeals of the Tottenham Three and the 7/7 bombings in London.

Eddie is also a writer and photographer.

Please look over the links below for background on some of the stories he has covered.



Visit from Eddie Botsio, Executive Producer at BBC World News - Weds 25th March