In a move possibly inspired by The Voice, the first knockout round of the Shorthand Champions League was played in an experimental blind format.

The results - and the draw for this week's Quarter Finals - can now be revealed.

Meanwhile, we can confirm that FIFA has shortlisted the Shorthand Champions League for its inaugural Transparency In Sport awards, while Will.I.Am has branded the competition "dope" (although this may have been "deep". The outline got smudged).

Round of 16

Latifa 0 - Andrew 7

Hsin-Yi 0 - Annabelle X

Harry 0 - Josh 1

Ile 1 - Natalie X

Meli X - Sean 0

Thomas 1 - Georgia 0

Alys 3 - Olivia 0

Duarte 0 - Jayna 0*

(Jayna progresses on the basis of lower total errors)

Quarter Finals to be played this week

Latifa v Hsin-Yi

Harry v Ile

Sean v Georgia

Duarte v Jayna

Shorthand Champions League - knockout