I realise that everyone's trying to get hold of the books that we need for our essay, and have therefore been reserving books from the library. The two books that have been recalled of mine are not going to be taken back until a couple of weeks after our essay has been completed. So sorry to whoever wanted them...

I thought maybe we could find out who has hold of what books and then either help each other out by scanning in specific sections/swapping around. Or, we can all carry on reserving each others books and not get them in time for the essay.

These are the ones I have:

- Fleet Street

- Power without Responsibility

- Challenge of Democracy

- State and Society

- England in the 19th Century

- My Trade

- Newspaper History from the 17th Century to the present day





Good idea Becci.

These are the books I have:

Fleet Street: Five Hundred Years of the British Press

My Trade

Power without Responsibility

The Challenge of Democracy

I've also got Journalism: A Very Short Introduction (Ian Hargreaves) and The British Press (Mick Temple) reserved, they should be available on Tuesday (28th).

Hey Alan would I be able to just quickly look at The British Press one when you get it in, as I photocopied it off Jaak and didn't get the publishing info? :)

Yeah sure no problem.


Yeah good Idea Becci. I have:

Fleet Street

The First Casualty


War And The Media

Power Without Responsibility

I got Mick Temple's British Press, bringing it in tomorrow for scanning, if anybody wants.

Very interested in the scans of the very short introduction to Journalism.

I bought that short intro a couple of months ago, I'll bring it in for you.

I have a Power without Responsibility which Im done with / has done my head in enough, so whoever would like it...


Hi All,

Remember that if the book you want is already out on loan you can also make use of a range of electronic resources for Journalism. If you want to see me to find out how then drop me an email (s.l.root@gre.ac.uk) or call into the library and find me. Some of the electronic journal resources are full text and will be useful for your essay - I'm happy to show you how to use them :)

Links to electronic resources for Journalism can be found on the Library subject guide:


just click on the link Journalism


Sarah (your librarian)

Please remember if you are scanning and photcopying from books to stay within CLA guidelines. 

If you want to find out more about the CLA HE licence you can view the guidelines at:


See Page 8. 'Extent Limits' which gives details of allowances for copying under the HE licence.




Recalled books