All first and second years will be in action for a print newsday on Thursday, January 31.

As ever, you'll be split into two mixed teams in a challenge to out-scoop each other. Rumour has it both teams will be producing newspapers in the style of The Guardian.

Conference will be held at 1pm on Monday in G1-04 for Rob's team and G3-19 for Angela's team. And here are the squads:

Angela Rob
Trina Dawes
Danish Yunus
Jovas Martinkus
Adam Broderick
Ka Yee Mak
Laoise Gallagher
Lily Morl
Oliver Blundell
Rhodri Andrews
Matthew Evans
Hugo Orchard
Georgia Wood
Esther Okusaga
Peter O’Connell
Wiktoria Machul
Madilyn Lantz
Shinissa Kaur
Alexandra Falcsik
Juliana Lima
Hans Chow
Scott Banks
Busayo Alafe-Aluko
Amjad King
Ayomikun Adekaiyero
Amber Sunner
Isabella Marsans
Emanuela Amponsah
Felix Reeves
Rhiannon Woodhams
Elina Baimukhanova
Fasika Zelealem
Ben Winfield
Dan Smith
Chloe Rose
Calum O’Shea
Shabir Noorzai
Jamie Long
Adam Landau
Jennifer Forrest
Olivia Elliott
Henry Collier
Charlotte Beauchamp
Charlotte Balmer


Print newsday - let battle commence