Course Module: 
Convergent Journalism 1

 The Print Coursework Assigment will be marked according to the following guidelines:


Overall content: 20 marks

Does the spread fulfill the content brief? Has the source material provided been used sensibly and coherently?  Does the spread also contain original content, as specified? Higher marks will be awarded for original content that sheds new light on the main story, or provides compelling colour from individuals involved.


Journalism skills: 30 marks

This judges your skills as a journalist. It takes into account elements including the quality of your sources and the accuracy of your reporting. We'll be looking for evidence of efforts you have made to find new information, or provide detail of individuals who have been affected by the story. Marks will also be awarded for the quality of your headlines, captions etc.


Technical competence: 20 marks

This assesses the technical qualities of the layout, design and subbing on the spread. We'll be looking for evidence of attention to detail on typography, your use and cropping of pictures, and your use of the grid system to lay out the items on the page.


Understanding of principles: 10 marks

Have you demonstrated a grasp of the fundamental principles of producing a print spread? Have you shown you understand the basic rules of typography, picture usage and design. Have you understood how to use your content to effectively tell a coherent story?


Presentation: 10 marks

Does all the copy fit on the page? Do the headlines fit the space designed for them?


Grammar and style: 10 marks

Have you corrected grammatical, stylistic and factual errors in the provided source material? Is your original content free from errors and stylistically accomplished?

Total: 100 marks

Print assessment marking scheme