Course Module: 
Convergent Journalism 1

Attached to this note are a number of files containing wire copy from yesterday and pictures from the Woolworths story that has unfolded over the past couple of weeks.

Using this source material, supplemented with some original copy of your own, you are to produce a newspaper page for a mid-market national newspaper using InDesign.

You are responsible for all elements of the page: the layout, the typography, the headlines and captions, and the grammatical and factual accuracy of all content.

Some basic rules are set out below that you MUST follow on basic typography and points of house style. Marks will be lost if you fail to do this.

Your page is a right-hand news/analysis page.  It MUST contain at least one piece of original journalism that you have researched and written yourself. This could take the form of a piece of colour writing, news reporting, or interview(s) with people affected by the story at any level. There are no ads on the page.

You can name your newspaper whatever you like.

Typographical Rules:

Body copy: 9pt on 10pt leading, serif font

Picture captions: 9pt on 10pt leading, sans font, bold

Main headlines: Minion Pro Bold Condensed

Smaller headlines: Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed

Standfirsts: Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed, underlined


Design rules:

Page size: 287mm wide x 384mm deep

5-column grid


Other points to note:

All pictures must be converted to CMYK mode

No picture to be used less than 150 dpi resolution


House style points:

Spell out numbers one to nine, all subsequent numbers (10 onwards) in numerals (So: "There are four gospels, but 11 members of a football team.)

Percentages - use per cent, rather than the % symbol. (i.e 10 per cent, not 10%)

For monetary values in millions, use the abbreviation ‘m' (e.g £26.3m)

For names of songs, books, magazines, films, use italics. (E.g Quantum of Solace)


Your finished page must be uploaded as a pdf file, in the 'assignment' section, by 12noon on Thursday 18 December.

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