The raise and give society is run by Sarah Rawlinson and Sarah Brockhurst, it is a fun way to raise as much money as possible and all proceeds go to local and national charities.

This week is RAG week, there are loads of events going on throughout the day in the pilkington building and at night in coopers and there is fancy dress (so this week there will actually be people in our union bar!!!).

A few weeks ago we raised over £240 to help fund the fun of RAG week, at the moment we are a small society but if anyone wants to join and has any free time this week to volunteer (even if it is an hour) then we have a facebook group-RAG@UMSA or email

The more the merrier as all proceeds for this week will go to children in need and to the Sunlight centre. You really can do as much or as little as possible, it's fun and by a small effort on your part you will be doing your bit for the less fortunate in our society. If not then just come to coopers it is only a pound to get in.

 Monday- PJ's day

Tuesday- Celebrity day and a night out in Canterbury

Wednesday- Cocktail night

Thursday- School uniform day

Friday- Kinky day ;)


ps: if anyone is feeling lazy in the morning then tomorrow i will be in my pajamas if anyone fancies joining me??? ....... :)  

Plan for RAG week