As an avid lover of vintage clothes and slow fashion, kilo sales are an absolute dream. However, my first kilo sale was a mess; I was overwhelmed with the amount of clothes and rush of people that I came out feeling very lost and underprepared. Here are my top tips for success at a kilo sale. 

So, how do you find one?

I found out about the existence of kilo sales from adverts on Instagram. Since then, I have done some research into the best companies who travel up and down the country selling their clothes. 

Here are some of my favourites linked below:

Worth the Weight

Shop Kilo 

Pre Loved Kilo 

You can sign up to receive emails locating their upcoming sales, as well as book tickets. They also have a large array of clothing and accessories on their websites, so you can get your fix of vintage items whenever you like. 

Now what?

So, you’re going to your first kilo sale, woohoo! Firstly, remember to bring a bag for your items. Some companies provide biodegradable plastic bags upon entry, but not all. It’s better to be safe and bring your own, so you don’t have to lug your exciting purchases all the way back home. 

Secondly, although kilo sales are a fun solo activity, they can also be incredibly fun with friends. Taking a friend with you means that you have someone to hold your clothes while you try them on and let you know if they look good. 

Take your time

At my first sale, I just rushed my way through, ending up with an incredibly ugly jumper that I brought in a panic because I was so overwhelmed. When you see something you like, take it, and once you’ve looked through every rack, find a quiet corner for you to look through your items. Some venues have changing rooms or privacy corners, which are perfect for taking your time to try on your clothes. 

Don’t buy items just for the sake of it, or because it’s a vintage brand name. Buy clothes you will actually wear and love. 

Conditions check

This is a must! Most of the clothes are at least ten to fifteen years old, and possibly worn by multiple people. It’s honestly quite rare to find an item that doesn’t have at least one minor mark or hole. Before you go to weigh your items, give it a really good look at; focusing on the hem lines and sleeves as this will show the most sign of wear. 

Remember that most issues can be easily fixed with a wash or minimal sewing. 

Weigh before you buy

During my first couple of events, I felt too nervous to ask the staff to weigh my items before I committed to buying. This meant I ended up spending a lot more than I had initially planned. After attending quite a few, I can roughly guess how much my items are going to cost before they get weighed, but this takes time. Do not be afraid to ask, as this will also save you buying unnecessary items. That leather jacket is definitely heavier than you think, and you don’t want a shock when you go to pay. 

Wash wash wash

I know just how tempting it is to start wearing all your new clothes straight away but hold off until you wash them! You have no idea when they were last washed, and clothing can carry nasty infestations such as scabies. 

Most of the clothing and accessories will have been in storage for a long time and will probably smell quite musty. Your friends will be very grateful for you popping your new clothes in the wash before you show them off.


Have fun! Kilo sales are a very fun way to spice up your wardrobe with good quality vintage clothing for cheap. I have many happy memories from kilo sales, and now hopefully you will too.

My guide to vintage kilo sales