Being an Anthony Gormley fan, a snow-capped photograph of his "Angel of the North" sculpture averted my recently opened eyes and I hastily looked down to the text below it.

A website is trying to obtain a photograph for every square mile of the British Isles. The site recently received its millionth submission, with over 1000 a day since its creation. With only the remote parts of Scotland being un-captured, the creators are perhaps just moments away from achieving their seemingly impossible idea.

I highly recommend you take just a quick glance at this amazing site, your area, his village, my city all captured by amateur and professional photographers alike. For example, Gillingham's recently boarded up Woolworths; or how about our very own Gillingham building! The creators must have seemed completely mad when they came up with this idea last year, but now they are very close to producing this fantastic map of Modern Britain. The site urges all viewers to continue submitting their photographs to keep building up areas, I gave mine in yesterday...


That's an amazing site, though I don't think the navigation of the map works very intuitively. It's extraordinary what you can get crowds of people to do. There's a picture literally taken outside my parents' front door. A very dull picture, but it gave me a kick.

Incidentally, you might want to reassess your use of the word 'averted', Mylo.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

That is amazing, quite an accomplishment. 

Yes it is a good example of the interesting results that can be produced when crowds of people are asked to do something. (if not a little strange that a random person has stood outside your house photographing it.)

Thank you Mylo. It is a superb site. I have put it on my favourites.

Modern day Domesday book