Can I just point out how nice it is to see nine Premier League games being played simultaneously midweek? It's something we haven't seen for a very long time due to the UEFA Cup, Champions League and hectic schedule. It's nice to be able to enjoy a very rare occurence like this! If only Newcastle didn't play last night and it'd be a full house!

 Match of the Day at 10:45, BBC One. :)


It's a shame that we're the only two idiots that left our essay to the last minute and therefore don't have the time for it...

Totally agree. And to add, beer, takeaway and footie is a perfect package. Just hope Arsenal and Liverpool go on to lose now and that would make my night :). And obviously that Chelsea win :).

Apparently Bentley just scored one of the goals of the season according to Five Live. 45 yards out and he's lobbed Almunia. Can't wait to see this on Match of the Day tonight!

Already Harry is doing the trick and even if Spurs lose tonight (hopefully not), then he still appears to inspire his players (as usual) what with Bentley's assist for Pavlyuchenko on Sunday against Bolton with that great cross, what you'd come to expect from Bentley. Question is, is it a Xabi Alonso-esque strike? I.e. those goals against Newcastle and Luton he scored in the past few years. Hopefully better, as I don't like Alonso.


Yeah, apparently it's much better than Alonso's and in the same league as Beckhams, it was definitley intentional too. Once again though, questions about Almunia's positioning will dominate, he did get a hand to it i hear. Damn being at Uni and not having Sky Sports!

Adebayor and Walcott have had shot after shot, it's only a matter of time unfortunately before it's 1-1.

Silvestre, 1-1. What did I say?

Pfft, United reject.

Heard it being compared to Beckham's goal against Wimbledon. MOTD should be good tonight then.

Not quite as far out as that.

Midweek football