I was wondering why it all seemed a bit quiet in the Centre for Journalism world this weekend, but after a bit of journalistic snooping I found out the reason...

Looks like John was giving out his dance lessons again! We were curious as to why you disappeared so early on friday night.

I'd give them a 2:1 for their efforts.

giggles and squiggles xxx



Ian dancing at the start is hilarious. 

Bizarrely, that's my second appearance on ElfYourself this weekend. My eight-year-old also discovered it on Friday.

Actually, I'm a much better dancer than that...

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

LOLOCOASTER! I have not laughed so much in sooo long, aside from tonight's Top Gear, friday night with Jaak and ABBA or newsroom Big Brother...classic bec!

I'm officially the Dancing Queen now? :/

Anyways, Ian, I do think your moves were absolutely spectacular there - not to say, that anybody else was bad (go John!)

That's brilliant. My only question is, where's Richard with his dancing shoes? I bet he's dynamite at the cha cha cha!  

WOW that is AMAZING!!!!!!! Haha so funny :) There should be one of all of us, the whole journalism course dancing as elves!!

Lecturers in Lapland?