Get Close to the Amazing Bird


In my daily life, it is hard to see owls which are shy, lazy and mysterious. Because they are hiding in the woods and many of them only have to moonlight. So when I, a crazy fan of owls and eagles, went to the Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary and took part in the flying demonstrations, I thought “Oh, it is a paradise”.


After going through a Christmas market, I arrived the sanctuary. I had to say it was difficult to find it out but fortunately, there were many signs of the sanctuary so I could follow it.


In the sanctuary, there were kinds of birds of prey such as eagles, hawks and majority of them are owls. They even have two Laughing Kookaburra from Australia. Every bird stays in their own big cage. When I approached them, they stared at me and made a sound like “coo”. The volunteer in the sanctuary told me they were warning me: “Human being! This is my place, go away!”

(photo by Yishan Jing)

Different birds have a different character and own name. The Snowy Owl, Oink, has sharp eyesight but very lazy. Coco is a Little Owl who always feels hungry. Albert is the Steppe eagle, who has one-meter-long strong wings. Although Charlie, a Red-Tailed hawk, is smaller than other hawks, he is very good at hurting moving targets.



I got close to them at the interesting flying demonstrations which aim is helping people to interact with the birds and know more about them. Many kinds of birds will be showed in the demonstration, volunteers told us about their background and hobbit. Then people can touch them, feed them and play with them. The volunteer gave me a glove and meat, and owls flew on my shoulder so I could touch them. When the Snowy Owl stopped on my shoulder, I felt I became Harry Potter. But it was pained when the owl bit me.


After the demonstration, the sanctuary was about to close. Though it is far away from city centres, but it is worth to visit. This was a lovely day. I will come back!

Get close to the amazing bird