No-one could have predicted the events of 2008, but The Economist's predictions for next year (the world in 2009), got me thinking: what will be the big stories next year? And beyond that, what are the most important stories to me that will be taking place in the coming 12 months?

For me, the biggest story will be taking place almost twelve months from now, in Copenhagen.

The UN's conference on climate change is widely regarded as the last chance for a global deal to be struck, this time with the US and China (hopefully), committing to emissions reductions. Failure to strike such a deal would amount to, as Emma Duncan at The Economist puts it, "mankind giv[ing] up on trying to save the planet". This is the sequel to the infamous Kyoto Protocol, and my thoughts will be in Copenhagen for a good part of the coming year.

Obviously there's the advent of the Obama presidency, maybe a change of
government here in the UK, and an undoubtedly gloomy economic outlook
for at least a good part of the year. But what else is there? Anyone backing Murray for a Wimbledon win? Or betting on a Brown second term? It could happen, if this year's anything to go by. Who'd have predicted Palin this time last year? Or the credit crunch? Who knows what the lip-stick-wearing pig of 2009 will be.

What do you think, guys, Cheryl Cole for Prime Minister?

What are your big stories for the year?


John, some good points there. Apart from Cheryl Cole, nice one! haha.

Anyway, most importantly will Robbie Keane be staying at Liverpool? I reckon he won't and he'll move back to Spurs to fight with Bent and Pavlyuchenko for a starting place. What do people reckon?

Seriously I wonder if there'll be a second term for Brown. He's shored up the economy and therefore has got enough support now in the polls to challenge the Tories. I have a sneaky feeling unless there's another turnaround that he'll be in for the second term.

The lipstick-wearing-pig will most probably be Cheryl Cole, just not as Prime Minister!

I'll go for Murray to finish as semi-finalist at Wimbledon this year, beaten in four sets by Roger Federer.

And I'll go for a Lewis Hamilton successive world championship in the Formula One, with Raikkonen, Massa and Alonso his nearest challengers.

I also reckon England will win the Six Nations in the Rugby, what with Martin Johnson and the Paul Sackey and Jason Robinson factor! Well, hopefully anyway.

AND for there to be a BMW which knocks the socks off all its competitors haha.

Also, I reckon albums which might be flops are, Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams' new albums next year.

I'll also go for Yes Man (the film with Jim Carrey in it) to beat any other film of 2009 at the Box Office ratings...though that could be grossly inaccurate come this time next year!

Regarding movies: the only movie that I'm actually waiting for (doesnt happen often to me) is the Gonzo documentary.

About other news - anything could happen. Personally, I'm very interested in Obama's future and actions to come.

I think I deserve some credit for bringing that documentary to your attention, Jaak, otherwise you might never have known about it!

Eyes on '09