CAMPAIGNERS are hoping to alert the government on child poverty as marches take place in Central London today.

The End Child Poverty campaigners are frustrated the government have yet to meet their 2010 target of halving child poverty and according to the group, over a third of UK children are in poverty with 5,559,000 "struggling".

120 organisations are protesting in London and are adamant the government needs to act.

Campaign director Hilary Fisher said: "Now is the time for the government to turn their commitment into reality and provide that investment that will make the change."

However, Labour's Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, James Purnell, told the BBC News Channel's Peter Sissons: "We aim to end child poverty by 2020 and child poverty has fallen by 600,000 under the Labour government. This wouldn't happen under the Tories."

Marchers gathered at 12pm in Millbank and later marched to Trafalgar Square taking part in a rally with speeches on poverty issues.


Child poverty march calling for action