Time to make your minds up on the great background debate. Add your votes as comments underneath this post.

A reminder of the contenders:



I'm voting for the gradient. So option 1. 

I'm going for option 1 too... And I hope that the goldists and greyists can heal their divisions after this vote, and move forward as a single nation...

Rob is a lecturer in reporting and writing at the Centre for Journalism

Rob, I feel that response is the type you'd hear in a beauty pageant. World peace and all that good stuff.  Gave me a good chuckle. :)

I vote the white background. 

Voting white background! It's a lot easier on the eye.

White seems pretty safe, not too much of a distraction from everything else either.

I vote white! 

Or anything other than yellow really.

I vote the white background too! 

I vote for option two. The white background looks the most professional :) 

Background decision time