The 2017 Sky Bob Friend Scholarship will be presented to this year's winner at the annual Sky Bob Friend Memorial Lecture. This will take place in the Dockyard Church at 7pm on Thursday 2nd March.

This year's lecturer will be Ed Conway, Economics Editor at Sky News and Times columnist.The crucial question now is: to whom will he present the prize? We (Sky News and the CfJ) will decide via the usual competitve process.

How does it work? We'll explain all in a briefing to be held in the main newsroom at 1300 on Tuesday 17th January. Please attend. This is a unique and immensely valuable opportunity open to all undergraduate students in the Centre. The winner will spend a month long, fully funded placement at Sky News. They will also receive a £3,000 contribution to their tuition fees.Beyond these rewards there is, of course, the prestige and glory of being a member of the tiny and highly select band of Sky Bob Friend Scholars.

Following the briefing, the deadline for submissions will be Friday February 10th. Shortlisted contestants will travel to London for the final selection interviews which will take place at Sky' Millbank studios in Westminter on Friday 17th February. Come to the briefing. All will be explained.


Identify a story that can justify at least four appearances on Sky News between 0600 and 2200 on a real day in 2017.Your story will be strong enough to justify equal or greater coverage on; on Sky News mobile apps and on Sky News Radio. You should identify precisely what subscribers will see, read and hear on each service. In your submission you should describe the story, explain why it is suitable and provide a clear and detailed schedule of coverage on each outlet  

2017 Sky Bob Friend Scholarship