Can anyone help me in regard to which newspapers support which political parties? I'm having a little trouble for the reporting assignment and would appreciate someone explaining the background of; The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Independent. Cheers.


Hi Kathryn,

In slightly simplistic terms, it goes as follows:

The Guardian is historically a left-leaning paper, which aligns it with Labour -though it would probably describe itself as a critical friend.

The Mail leans heavily to the right - though would claim simply to speak to Middle England - which aligns it with the Conservative party. Its editor, just to confuse things, is a close friend of Gordon Brown. Go figure.

The Sun basically supports whoever is in power - Murdoch hates to back losers. In the Thatcher years it was rabidly conservative. Right now it technically supports the Labour government - but expect Murdoch to tell his editors to throw their weight behind Cameron come election time if he thinks the Tories have the upper hand. Rebekah Wade, the editor, doesn't personally rate Cameron much.

The Indy was launched in the 80s with, as its masthead suggests, a manifesto to support no political party. It has flirted with throwing its weight behind the Lib Dems, but never really had the stomach for it. It tends to vaccilate between leaning left and trying to occupy the "centre ground" of politics. Whatever that means.

Hope that's vaguely helpful. Tim's generally more perspicacious on such issues.


Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Cheers Ian,

Speaking for Kathryn, I appreciate the information. We'd worked out some of the affiliations, but needed a little extra help, so cheers for that. I'm sure your wealth of information is more than enough.



Thanks very much for that, it's great! :)

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