Shockwaves were sent through the world of competitive note-taking this afternoon as Ile Kauppila scored a decisive victory in the Shorthand Champions League final.

He overcame the bookies' favourite, Hsin-Yi Lo, 8-3 in a tense battle over a passage about young people visiting a war exhibit.

At one point Ile was seen to grip his head and wheeze "what is that word?" as he stared in desperation at a troublesome outline.

It was revealed as "photo", and pundits speculated that Ile may have forgotten to spell it phonetically before stumbling at the transcription stage.

But in the end it didn't matter. The victory was emphatic.

A disbelieving Ile was presented with his prize - a University of Kent Monopoly board - before he was swamped by the international paparazzi with demands for pictures and comments.

But there are already signs that the victory might seal his reputation as the bad boy of international shorthand.

He was last seen wielding a bottle of red wine.


Samuel Pepys, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens -  all used types of speedwriting. Now a new name has been thrust upon the list of the greats. Well done Ile. a tremendous achievement in a mere two terms. Perhaps in the summer term you can go for the speed record - 350wpm over two minutes. On second thoughts, perhaps you'll have other things on your mind. Ron

Ile Kauppila takes Shorthand Champions League title