First years and postgraduates will clash pens for the first time as the world's premier exhibition of competitive shorthand returns for a second season.

The group stage of the Shorthand Champions League kicks off at 10am next Friday for first years, and at noon for MAs.

Groups were drawn at a glitzy ceremony held in the Centre for Journalism's TV studio, overseen by Laura Garcia of the Central American Competitive Shorthand Federation (CACSF).

Group A

Adham Devenny, Olivia Eden-Brown, Annabelle Letten, Keilan Webster, Leah Wood

Group B

Joe Cooper, Micah George, Freddie Nicholas, Sean Previl, Josh Fordham

Group C

Madelaine Hanson, Ivy Iversen, Jason Loke, Natalie Monlouis, Hsin-Yi Lo

Group D

Andrew Robinson, Shauntal Windsor, Mirela Vulaj, Latifa Yedroudj, Borislava Todorova

Group E

Paavan Mohindru, Matt Lennon, Ilari Kuppila, Thomas Coast, Tom Acres, Devina Serebour

Group F

Muhammad Ali, Boglarka Kosztolanyi, Anita Nkonge, Harry Peet, Jayna Rana, Aodhan Gregory

Group G

Evie Dryden, Vendela Eriksson, Alys Frankland, Juliusz Mielczarek, Melisande Shannon, Seb Wainwright

Group H

Duarte Dias, Lucas Faggianelli, Logan Franklin, Molly Marsh, Georgia Peddie, Daniel Surey


Lol love the CACSF, they're so wonderful and funny. 

Shorthand Champions League: Season 2