Let's discuss the romanticism and stigmas attached to Mental Illness

UK Mental Health Awareness Week took place from Monday 10th to the 16th of May in 2021. Since this week is Mental health awareness week, 

I thought It would be an excellent idea to call out the romanticism of mental illnesses and break down some stigmas!

 (I intend to create a post that will not only inform but educate you guys)


I have spoken to people with Mental illnesses & research to increase the validity of this post.


The Romanticism of Mental Illnesses


In our society, More and more Mental illnesses are not only being romanticised but depicted incorrectly by Films, TV series ( Example '13 Reasons Why' - Don't even get me started on that scene! ) and social media. While some Media depict mental illnesses accurately and let viewers see how real they are whilst being educative such as "Euphoria" for example. Others may have that same intention however the viewers are left with the wrong impression and those with mental illnesses can be depicted as extremely violent, unintelligent, or incapable of making decisions that profoundly impact their lives. This is incredibly harmful as it creates stigmas and those undergoing mental illnesses are then at a higher risk of being misunderstood and their struggles being taken less seriously.


There are multiple mental illnesses just as there are multiple physical ones and social media tends to romanticise or depict them incorrectly. This means unfortunately, some people make them appear so fascinating to the point the concept of having a mental disorder becomes attractive! 



Even as far as to make aesthetics out of mental illnesses. The oxford language defines Aesthetic as " concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty." 


There is nothing beautiful about having a mental illness. 


Most of the time, Anxiety and Depression are discussed within mainstream media and other outlets leaving other mental illnesses to be even more stigmatised simply because of the lack of information and awareness given to them. Because of this many of us are accustomed to having the wrong perception of these illnesses. (This is my motivation for this blog post.)


Thankfully some artists and advocates are also breaking stigmas to multiple mental illnesses. One of my favourites is Artist Shawn coss as his amazing "Inktober illness series " Illustrations depict how raw mental illnesses are. 

I truly hope that as time progresses this trend of romanticising mental illnesses on various social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and Tumblr stop too because they genuinely affect people who are suffering and create stigmas which are then just an added reason as to why people suffer in silence. Mental health issues don't discriminate and they can affect anyone! 


Let's break the misconceptions of Mental Illnesses


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