Caning Google

I found Google boss Eric Schmidt's comments to the American Newspaper Association this week a tad provocative. So I wrote this. It has attracted the usual barrage of ranting. I find it difficult to grasp why people find it hard to perceive Google as a company as driven by the profit motive as News International or Associated. Ho hum.

Cameron to the Rescue?


Conservative leader David Cameron has promised to relax cross-media ownership rules if his party wins the General Election. Some in the industry promote this as a partial solution to the crisis in local journalism. A less generous view is that the Conservative Party is courting popularity with local media owners (Political party woos money and votes shocker, man detained!).

Parliamentary oratory is not dead

At least not in the European Parliament. There may be irony in a Conservative Eurosceptic delivering a brilliant and blistering fusillade against a British Prime Minister in the European legislature in Strasbourg, but Daniel Hannan, MEP for this region, did so on Tuesday. You do not have to agree with his sentiments to appreciate the economy of his language and the panache of his delivery. This is the sort of speech that makes politics fun. Watch and enjoy it here courtesy of YouTube.


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