After years of telling my dad he was out of touch with the fashion on his almost daily abuse of my dress sense, he finally got his share of one-upmanship over me, citing the teenager who has been arrested for 'wearing his trousers too low'.

As it turns out, the state of Florida introduced a new law over a year ago which banned people from wearing trousers low enough that underwear or skin was visible, the Miami teenager clearly in breech of this. However, his lawyer has cited David Beckham and Prince Harry as 'role-models' for the fashion, the court being shown photos of the two celebrities with their jeans hanging lower than the bottom of their t-shirts.

Now unfortunately I have no response to parental ridicule, but at least I will stay out of jail for now... 


So that means wearing a Nazi costume is cool too? This whole thing is as inane as little emo boys wearing their skinnies so low that everyone can see their brightly coloured pants. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who is overcome by the desire to pull their trousers up for them.

Teenager arrested for 'wearing his trousers too low'