Attention Year 2s and MAs - NCTJ Court Reporting sessions

Please don't forget that NCTJ Court Reporting sessions have been arranged for this Wednesday - Feb 4th - to replace those we lost last Friday. Both are in Room M2 - 28. Years 2s from 2pm - 3.30pm and MAs from 3.45pm - 5.15pm. This Friday - the 6th - there will be the usual sessions at the usual times.  

NCTJ Law exam 21/1/15. Attention MAs, Year 2s and re-sitting Year 3s

In Anastasia's office in a blue box file marked "SARAH" you'll find a revision guide for January's NCTJ EML exam and a test paper for you to work through over the Christmas break. Please pick them up. You can e-mail answers to me if you wish over the holiday and I'll send you feedback. NOTE - Friday's Year 2 and MA sessions ARE taking place - please make every effort to come.

NCTJ Law - Year 2s and MAs

As we are now doing test papers in preparation for your EML exam in January, please remember to bring your McNae with you to tomorrow's sessions. And all those who attended the last sessions - please also bring with you the sample exam paper which we started working through.  

Attention Year 2s - Voice Training commences!

Year 2 voice training begins this Friday. It takes place, in pairs, every Friday from 3.15pm - 4.15pm in the PG newsroom's radio studio. A rota has been pinned up on the UG newsroom door so please look at it and make a note of your date. If, for some valid reason, you can't make that date, please swop with somebody further down the rota as it's really important that two people come to each session.  


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