NCTJ Law - attention Year 2s and MAs

There is an Essential Media Law test paper for you to pick up in Anastasia's office. Please use this as your revision during the Christmas break and we will go through it in the class we are holding on January 18th at 2pm in the UG newsroom. REMEMBER - this replaces your normal Friday class that week. There WILL be NCTJ law classes this Friday - the 16th - for anybody who's finding all this Christmas stuff a bit much and needs an hour or so of sanity. Of a kind.........


NCTJ Law revision sessions

Just a reminder for those taking NCTJ law exams next week that there are two revision sessions this Wednesday - June 1st. Both in the small newsroom - Essential Media Law from 1.30 - 3pm and Court Reporting from 3.15 - 4.45pm. 

NCTJ Court Reporting - practice papers

If you're taking the NCTJ Court Reporting exam on Weds March 16th you can pick up a test paper from Anastasia's office. The papers are in a blue box file marked "Sarah" and are called "Sample 1". These are the papers for you to do in your own time if you wish. NOTE: our final Court Reporting sessions are still running this Friday at the usual times.   


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