Year 2 NCTJ law

There will be an NCTJ law session on February 8th from 1000 - 1100 to make up for sessions lost due to shorthand exams and newsdays. (It's a swop with Kenn and will be in your usual shorthand room). Please ensure you can attend.

Law exam syllabuses

MAs please note the two NCTJ law exam syllabuses have now been uploaded. Please take a look through them before Friday's session and let me know if you have any questions.

Sarah Fuller


Legally Sound

Congratulations to the about-to-be-third-years who took the NCTJ law exams in May. Fourteen of you sat the two exams and the majority passed both. Special mention must go to Kat who got an A grade in both papers - scoring a stonking 84 in Court Reporting!  Becci Hughes and John also both gots As in Court Reporting. Both exams were pretty tough so well done to all of you for working so hard and turning in such a good performance on the first occasion Centre for Journalism students entered these exams.  


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