Year 2 NCTJ law

Don't forget to bring your exam test paper and McNae tomorrow morning - I know some of you have shorthand exams. We will finish the test paper on your EXTRA session Monday 4/4/11 from 11 - 1230 in Room G2-04.

Attention Year 2

The law test paper set today for completion by March 25th is now on the website together with my "hitlist" revision guide. Please complete the test paper - with the aid of McNae - and bring it - AND your McNae - with you on the 25th.  


My revision hit list and this week's test paper are now on the website. Those who didn't attend today's session should download the test paper and complete it - with the aid of McNae - ready for next Friday. We will go through it and mark it during the session.

Year 2 NCTJ law

Don't forget we have a replacement NCTJ law session next Monday 1100 - 1230 in G2-19. There will be a refresher test on copyright, privacy, confidence and PCC code. Please read McNae chapters 23, 24, 27 and 35 plus your notes on these areas. And bring your McNae with you. 


Please bring with you on Friday afternoon the Court Rep test paper which we started working through last week. And your McNae!


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