NCTJ law test papers

If you've not already done so, please go to Lesley's office and pick up the EML test paper which we'll be working through next Friday. (I only have this one in hard copy so can't e-mail it to you.)

In preparation for the EML exam on January 25th, over the Xmas break please work on the questions we've not done in class from any of the three test papers which I've provided - the other two are both on the website. Feel free to e-mail me your answers - make it clear which paper you're using - and any areas which are puzzling you.    

Year 3 NCTJ Law re-sits

Don't forget there is a revision session on Wednesday for Year 3s re-sitting NCTJ Law exams. This is for the General Reporting paper. It's 1100 - 1300 in the old MA newsroom. Please bring with you the test paper which I e-mailed to you - completed - and we'll go through it. (Note, the Court Reporting revision session is Nov 15th, same time, same place. 

NCTJ law exam re-sits

Hiya - those of you who need to re-sit NCTJ law exams please note that the exam date is November 16th. Tim has very kindly said that I can do two revision sessions for you so please make a note of these. They will be on Nov 9th 1100 - 1300 and Nov 15th 1100 - 1300 both in the old MA newsroom. I'll be e-mailing test papers to you before then so that you can work through some questions ready for discussion during the sessions.

Legal Eagles - four fascinating stories in one day!

Year 2s and MAs preparing for your NCTJ law exams - you've been handed three, maybe four, stories today which could help your exam answers feel fresh and up-to-date. Make sure you read up on the big one - Max Mosley's failure in the European Court of Human Rights - and also note that Lord Triesman's remarks in the House of Commons today (potentially highly defamatory) had the benefit of privilege. The PCC has castigated the D. Telegraph for its sting on Vince Cable - especially useful for the MAs with the emphasis on PCC in your exam.


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