Congratulations - MAs and Year 2s

Congratulations to the many Year 2s and MAs who passed the recent NCTJ Essential Media Law exam. There were some great results. Five people  -  Peter Brown, Danielle Morris, Tiia Mustonen, Claire Burke and Nick Guttridge - gained A grades and all of the MA group passed. Well done! 

NCTJ law - Court Reporting

Once again a very small attendance at today's NCTJ Law session - just 6 people. If you intend to take the Court Reporting exam then you need to know that you have already missed three sessions. This exam syllabus is being taught this term - if you don't attend the sessions you will not be prepared for the exam in May. Once again - please let me know if you have elected NOT to take Court Rep. If you are taking it, it would be a very good plan if you could start attending Friday morning sessions. 

Tweeting in Court

Good to see Drew's blog entry about tweeting from the Stephen Lawrence trial. If you go to the College of Journalism site on you can read more from Phillipa Thomas and analysis from other BBC journalists. It's transforming court reporting.


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