Here's a couple of photos from the end of year drinks last night. Jaak took them.

And this is the photo of Beckah's foot that we were talked about briefly, just so you all didn't think I was weird or something...

I do hope no one has a sore head this morning and thank you Tim!


Tsk-tsk-tsk - there's a few photos missing. Hiding them, huh?

 I ran out of space on my Flickr, need to move over to my pro account, and I can't seem to figure out how to make a slideshow on this site... Apologies, sir.

Yeah, the slideshow system is a bid crude and prehistoric with this CMS. However, you could NOT use Flickr, which is also a social acceptance tool (like twitter), where you need to garnish and cherish the attention, and be able to show, that you actually have friends (not you specifically, the hole idea as such). Instead, what about Picasa? Huge amounts of space and easy managability throughout with a Google account. However, if you do want, I could show you on Monday, how to do a slideshow.

I don't use Flickr as a social thing and I believe I've only ever added two people to my list of contacts, one of which is Beckah. I use it for my photos. I have a Photobucket account too, but it does like to pixelate my pictures a bit. In fact why am I even defending my decisions?! I'm off to sit in the sunshine with a glass of wine...

Monday would be super!

Nice pictures Becci. Thanks for taking them. Molly (8) is very pleased with her appearances and has concluded that she is now famous. Thus our celebrity culture nurtures delusion even in the innocent.   

 Jaak did - they just happened to be on my camera!

And some still seem to remain on the camera and not shown to the public - I'm curious about the pictures of Ian and Kelsey, and some others aswell. I took only a few, but you've seem to left some gems out (including some attempts at you).

They have all been on Facebook for days now. You can see them all there, if that makes you happy. For once I didn't delete all the pictures of me - there weren't any!

Photos: End of year drinks