My Addiction

No, I’m not lying. I have an addiction. Well…a self-diagnosed one…although it’s not what you would expect: Not drugs, alcohol, smoking, ‘the party life’ or caffeine (ok maybe not that last one, I can be quite bad with my coffee habits).

In fact, it’s sugar.

Two spoonful’s in every Java juice; sometimes a measure in my food; the weekly brownie bake; there are several instances throughout the day when I indulge my cravings…and on the off day where I try and avoid my sugary addiction, I often find myself salivating at the idea of eating more and more.

How being an Otaku changed my life

Recently I read two series of books that changed my life. If you’ve talked to me even once, you’ll know I’m a massive Japan obsessive! Having spent multiple stages of my life in Japan I’ve been indoctrinated into a lot of modern Japanese cultures – one of the key ones being reading Manga.

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