Living up to expectations

Almost three years ago I started talking to a camera. It felt uncomfortable and a bit weird, sitting in a spare room with the curtains closed, using a floor lamp for lighting. Explaining the merits of a few well-known jazz records to an audience that didn’t exist. Just me and my camera.


'Widows' film review

I saw Steve McQueen’s new film ‘Widows’ last night. Talk about a star-studded cast - Viola Davis, Colin Farrell and Robert Duvall to name a select few. You could smell the prestige seeping from the poster on the foyer wall, the cast boastfully displayed in all their Academy-touted glory. The film itself? A scattershot mess. Bloated, self-congratulatory and lost. 

Pipe down, Sontag.

Fearing permanent screen-burned retinas from this 24/7 course, I made the decision last week to purchase a manual stills camera. A dusty relic turned tangible hobby - loading film, metering the light, crossing your fingers and hoping that the developed film won’t just be 36 exposures of inky black.


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