Despite this being quite possibly the most epic headline of all time, it's actually true.

Here's the story for anyone who's interested.

Okay, so the story might be from way back in June, but bear with me! The actual 'bombing' is supposed to take place tomorrow morning.

See, it's relevant! Maybe we'll make first contact or something, who knows? If anyone's interested in actually watching it happen, if you're awake and online, then you should be able to use the link at the bottom of this page.


...there are many intriguing gems concealed within the pages (and websites) of those daily publications, printed on dead trees, that we leave lying around the newsroom...and it is a tremendous headline. Not quite as innovative as SupercaleygoballisticCelticareatrocious (The Daily Record, on the occasion of Celtic's defeat by Inverness Caledonian Thistle) but certainly attention grabbing. 

The times listed are American times. In British time the site will start streaming at 11:15 and the impact should occur at 12:30.

But can't come up with a system to feed, clothe and house all the world's inhabitants with an abundance of resources. Depressing, sorry.

Nice spot, as with the large hadron collider, these stories remind you how there are people pushing the boundaries of human possibility and knowledge every day. Like this guy.

I was wondering just the other day where the guy I taught only half of my breakdance moves went.

You got the wrong link there, that was someone showing of their secretary moves. That's what you must have meant. Secretary moves.

But I laughed too much to care... well played.

Someone has told the Clangers.


Did anybody notice this:

"The aim is to see whether any traces of water will be revealed by the disruption caused to the planet's surface.'

A moon, by definition, is not a planet, it is a satellite :D

Silly Daily Telegraph journalist.

I am also ridiculously pleased at the mention of 'clangers', giving me the perfect opportunity to write this.


...that a story like this has got so little attention so far. Like you pointed out and as people agreed, an attention grabbing headline indeed!

NASA Prepares To Bomb The Moon