Mr Christmas

This story has been around a while, but I first heard it last week on Have I Got News For You...basically, Andy Park has celebrated Christmas EVERY DAY for 16 years! It was first in the papers in December 2006 in the Daily Mail when the Queen refused to do her Christmas Speech from his house, even though he watches it every day. Every day!

Modern day Domesday book

Being an Anthony Gormley fan, a snow-capped photograph of his "Angel of the North" sculpture averted my recently opened eyes and I hastily looked down to the text below it.

A website is trying to obtain a photograph for every square mile of the British Isles. The site recently received its millionth submission, with over 1000 a day since its creation. With only the remote parts of Scotland being un-captured, the creators are perhaps just moments away from achieving their seemingly impossible idea.

Outrageous, extraordinary, astonishing, brilliant?

I was all prepared to write a lovely blog on how Lewis Hamilton is an incredible sportsman and totally deserved to be given the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, but had to change my carefully composed plans when his name was read out in the runner-up position. I, to be honest, was astonished. In fairness, Chris Hoy is a more than deserving winner, probably won't have a more astonishing year, it's an Olympic year so it should be an Olympian, and a genuinely nice guy.


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