Scientists plan trip to visit E.T.

Never being one to shy away from scepticism, the thought of alien life has always been a tough act to sell. However, I was drawn in by a wonderful photo in The Telegraph, a panorama showing the Milky Way over Hawaii, and read the proceeding article. It is by the Science Correspondant, Richard Alleyne, who has spoken to scientists about the Sisyphean debate over extra-terrestrial life.

Windies swelter in Antiguan sun

It has been an eventful 10 days in the West Indies, and a week and a half the English camp will want to forget – a demoralising innings and 23 run defeat including a second innings slump of 51 all out; a test match in Antigua which lasted only 10 balls before it was abandoned and moved 50 miles into town; but finally, some good news, as the English top order ran the West Indies fielders ragged on the first day of the 2nd test, take two.

Can England endure the heat in the West Indies?

They may be 22 ICC Test Ranking points apart, but the rapidly approaching first test after the Pietersen-Moores debacle will be a little more hotly contested than the stats may suggest. A year and a half ago England smashed the Windies 3-0 in a four test series in England, with Pietersen at his most belligerent of recent form and England were a unit firmly rooted by recent home successes.


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