Cricket defeats terrorism

Cricket was invented in England nearly two centuries ago, but, unlike football, rugby and golf, didn’t reach many countries around the world. Afghanistan, a country ravished by war and poverty, have very few national teams, but now their 17-man squad is just seven matches away from reaching the world stage at the ICC Cricket World Cup in South Africa in three years time.


Xuqu’liilx’aax’ch’kk’sh. Gibberish? To us perhaps, but not to many hundreds of Eyak speakers in Alaska over the last thousand years. 89 year old Marie Smith Jones, the last native Eyak speaker died just over a year ago, but now, hundreds of people are trying to revive this tribal language.

South Africa beat England to IPL matches

After the hype and commotion surrounding the inaugural Indian Premier League last year, the cricket did not fail to live up to expectations. Over 200 million people watched the tournament in India alone. A year on and the spectacle was all set to be even more exciting, greater sums of money being thrown about and bigger crowds swarming to all the grounds in the sub-continent.

England women beat the World

On Saturday night England women’s cricket team managed to do another thing which their male counterparts have failed to achieve by winning the ICC Women’s World Cup in a nail-biting victory over New Zealand at the North Sydney Oval.


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