It's always a great pleasure to see how our former students are making their way in the world of journalism. Here's a quick update on some of the latest employment news that has filtered back to us recently:

Laura Garcia Rodriguez , who graduated last summer from the Masters in Multimedia Journalism, is working for Meridian TV and BBC Radio Kent;

Jacob Lewis, from the same course, has a job as a sub-editor on the tablet version of The Sun;

Lizzie Massey, also from last  year's MA group, has started work as a reporter on the Gravesend Messenger;

Katherine Purvis, another of the 2012 MA class, is working for the Somali Relief and Development Forum (SRDF) – an umbrella organisation representing seven small NGOs working in Somalia;

Claire Burke and Karolina Kaminska also got their MAs last summer, and are working on ITV's new series of Surprise Surprise!;

Simon Jayawardena got his MA in 2011, and is working on a documentary with Emmy-award winner Susan Steinberg called Mirrors to Windows.

Lewis Dyson also graduated from the MA course in 2011, and is working as a reporter on the Sittingbourne Messenger and writing the Kent Messenger Group's film blog;

Elena Deleida, also from the MA  class of 2011, is working at Sky Italia;

Samuel Luckhurst, who also took the MA course in 2011, is a sports reporter at the Huffington Post;

Paul Dunne, who graduate this year from the BA degree programme, has a fully-paid internship in the Communications department of in Luxembourg, leading projects involving video, design and social media.

Ella Copeland, another BA graduate of 2012, is a staff writer for magazine and digital publisher WDM Group.

Angela Davey, also from the 2012 BA, is recently back from assignment in Berlin for Terrorizer magazine;

2012 BA graduate Dan May is working for the commercial department of fashion business magazine Drapers International;

And if any CfJ alumni are out there with employment news we haven't covered before, please do drop me a line. We'd love to brag about your achievements.



More pressure on us then ;)

Also, Ian - don't know if this was posted a while ago and I missed it - but I *think* Lewis, a former post-grad I believe, now works for the Swale desk of the Kent Messenger...he was there on a temp basis then applied for a full-time post over summer. 

If he never went here, I'll feel foolish!

I'm pretty sure that Dan May has landed a job as well, it's not strictly journalsim I don't think but pretty close!

Thanks Jemma, I'd missed that - I've updated the list.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

I believe Nick Gutteridge is working at the Surrey Advertiser?

I also believe Ali Houghton now has a newsy job as well!

Hey Ian! 

Nikki has done super well working as a runner for BBC Newsround!

I have just signed a contract to work as a junior reporter at the Hinckley Times, where I have been freelancing. 

Hope everyone at the CFJ is doing well.

MIss you all! 

Great news Harriet - I feel another update coming on, with details of these and others. More next week. I think it's Newsbeat, rather than Newsround, that Nikki is working on.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Thanks Ian! Everyone seems to have done really well!

And it's deffinitely Newsround that she's at- up in Salford.

Harriet, that is great news. Really well done. We are very proud of you. 

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