The future of regional journalism

Last night I chaired a debate at the Frontline Club on the future of regional journalism, with panellists Roy Greenslade (The Guardian), Keith Sutton (former editor of the Carlisle News & Star, Jon Slattery (former deputy editor of Press Gazette and William Yarker (media director of Deloitte).

Harsh realities

Not the most uplifting thing to post on a journalism education site, but this video chronicling the death of a US newspaper after a century and a half is certainly a sign of the times. It's way too long, and a little self-indulgent, but under the circumstances you can't blame its creators, whose first instinct was to report their own demise. Watch the first couple of minutes and then skip to about 16 mins, when the final coup de grace is delivered. I've been in that situation. It's bloody horrible.

Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

Interactive masterclass with BBC's Allan Little

This is the first of a series of masterclass sessions with senior journalists visiting the Centre for Journalism, produced as an interactive Flash presentation. BBC World Affairs correspondent Allan Little talks to staff and students about his career reporting from some of the world's most difficult places.

This is an embeddable file. Click the 'share' button on the presentation's main menu to embed it into your own web site or personal blog. Note: Will work best with the most up-to-date version of the free Quicktime player, available here

More on ePaper: CNN video

Two reasons for checking out this video from CNN. One is for an update on developments in epaper that might ultimately have some impact on the newspaper trade. The other is the ludicrously overblown reporting style that horribly blurs the distinction between journalism and PR. Still, at least he's written to the pictures in his intro...


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