My time at CFJ

In my third and final of study it became clear that I was not interested in pursuing a career in history, which offered the stereotypical career choices of a historian, teacher or librarian. Although, it was clear that I had an interest in current issues around the world. This ranged from politics to sport, with a particular interest in the ever-growing fight against the climate emergency. I began to think about pursuing a career in journalism and whether it suited me.

Reduce your impact: The motivations and tips to ditch animal products

With the current focus on the looming climate emergency, there is a curiosity amongst society to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.  Unfortunately, a lot of the message is lost in translation and many people are unclear as to where to start.

Why should you stop consuming animal products?

One option is cutting out animal products and adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. I stopped eating meat in 2015 and have never looked back. I have decided to share the reasons why I chose to do this and my tips for making the change easier.

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