I guess it seems like things have been quiet on the UMM front recently. I’ve been discussing plans for next year with UMSA and will be organising the elections for editor. Sorry it’s been a complete shambles this year, but I’m thinking that next year is going to be our year for fabulous things. I’d like to know whether or not anyone would like to do one final issue this year – it will come out just after Easter if so? Or would you rather concentrate on getting a team together for next year - full of things like a promotion team/feature and sport editors? I’m probably going to circulate this in an email next week if there’s no response/I find all your emails… If you want to run for editor next year drop me a line by the end of term.

I received an email a month ago about the activities awards - sorry it took me so long to pass on the message, but here’s the majority of it. If you have any suggestions you can send them onto me, but I’ll probably forget to forward them on – so perhaps you should email Claire yourself.
The annual Activities Awards are scheduled to be held in May. Involves an awards ceremony, presentation of stand out certificates (you can use your hours you’ve dedicated to UMM to get this), presentation of the sports silverware and Varsity cup and then various UMSA awards. Last year the following were up for grabs:

Event of the Year 2008/09
Best New Society 2008/09
Society of the Year 2008/09

Most Developed Club 2008/09
Best New Club 2008/09
Club of the Year 2008/09

Outstanding Individual 2008/09 (Male)
Outstanding Individual 2008/09 (Female)
Outstanding Achievement 2008/09
Outstanding Contribution 2008/09
Outstanding Commitment 2008/09
Personality of the Year 2008/09
Captain of the Year 2008/09

The award categories are likely to be very similar this year but I want to give the opportunity to all of the students involved in Student Activities to make any recommendations to these award categories. After the full line up is announced, I will open the nomination process.

Now another important aspect is where to hold the ceremony. Last year was a great event in the sense that over 100 people attended. Tickets were only £5 and it was a simple drinks reception format with a chocolate fountain available.

Now we could follow a similar format for this year, with a simple drinks reception. Alternatively we could hold it on campus in the Pilkington Building and have a sit down meal or alternatively we could seek an off campus venue and have a sit down meal. Obviously the latter two are more costly options which will be reflected in the overall ticket price which is likely to be in the region of £25 at least (obviously if this is a favoured option, then I will look into quotes and will be able to be more specific). What do you think your members would prefer?

Obviously this awards ceremony is open to anybody who has taken part in student activities over the year, i.e. part of a society, sports club, RAG team or has contributed to UMM and so I would like to know what you want and make sure that as many clubs and societies are represented as possible.


I am doing my 1000 word portfolio piece on the failure of varsity (only two Uni's bothered to take part) and the other general moans & groans about the campus. Obviously 1000 words is to long for the magazine but if you wanted to pick the most controversial bits to put in the magazine...

Also is there any way to lobby the powers that be for a "Best Fancy Dresser" award. I think people's efforts (and wasting of their bank balances) should be recognised.


"Also is there any way to lobby the powers that be for a "Best Fancy Dresser" award. I think people's efforts (and wasting of their bank balances) should be recognised."

Translation: I worked very hard and spent money on making myself look like a pokemon and should therefore be rewarded for it.


...people would have to vote for the winner. So it is not as though that if they create the award I will win.

Don't be silly, Rob. Ali is obviously talking about my super cool Christmas pudding outfit. 

And Ali, we've run articles over 1000 words before. Albeit, it did involve rather scandalous stories about prostitution and drugs.

Do first years have a portfolio deadline coming up and thus I can exploit you all by giving you stories to follow up? 

...8th April. Have fun exploiting us

 Have you checked that? There is a Varsity tournament for a number of our sports teams, does that apply  to all of them? For netball at least I can tell you that wasn't true of this year or last year.

...various sports team members for who they played against yet. I know that Greenwich pulled out fairly early on (I will be asking them why) and that Canterbury Christ Church had to pull out of a few sports on the day. I am guessing then that they were still able to field a netball team?

That's correct. I didn't play on the day because I was ill but if you need contacts I can put you on to someone who might give you a quote.

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