The 60-second TV bulletin assessment for Year 3 takes place tomorrow in the main newsroom. Please be there by 9.30am.

You will be writing, cutting and presenting a 60-second international news round-up using footage from Reuters World News service. The style is based on BBC Three's 60-Seconds and on BBC One's 8pm news round-up. You can see examples on YouTube.

From 10am to 12noon you will be given access to a range of stories - moving pictures, shot-lists and scripts - from Reuters World News. Your job will be to write a 60-second script and to cut video pictures for it. Your cut video file and your script in text format should be uploaded to the TV Uploads PC.

From 12 noon you will be called through to the TV studio one by one to present your bulletin. Staff members will operate the autocue and the video playback. In the studio you'll get the chance to do one run-though of your bulletin before doing it for real - this will be recorded and assessed.

The assessment criteria will be as follows:

News judgement: 25

Script writing: 30

Presentational style: 20

Video editing: 20

Accuracy of timing: 5


60-second bulletin assessment - Year 3